Friday, August 31, 2012

Amora Coffee *FREEBIE* Review

Any coffee fanatic can't possibly helped but to be roped in by the latest caffeinated offer that has been cruising around the internet (and Facebook especially) for the last couple of weeks.  Amora is a home-delivery coffee company based out of Knoxville, Tennessee.  They offer a home subscription to where you can have freshly ground coffee (or solid beans, whatever tickles your pickle) sent directly to your house with 2-day shipping.  Very tempting offer.  Needless to say, I went for it.  In total, I spent about $9.00 on 2 bags of coffee (which they are currently offering as free) and a free stainless steel air-tight coffee canister plus a measuring scoop - I just paid for the shipping and my goodies were at my front door sooner than I expected.

Amora seems very promising - you don't have to meet minimum monthly order requirements like a lot of home-ship coffee companies out there, and they have a relatively decent variety of roasts to choose from: Delicata, Elegante, Vigorosi, and Intenso.  I chose to go with Elegante as, although I do like light roasts and occasional dark roasts, a medium roast is what really does it for me in the morning.  Medium roasts are great with food and are great to sip on throughout the entire day.  So here is what I got:

Canister and 2 bags of coffee

The scoop

I am absolutely in love with the canister and coffee scoop.  The scoop is really heavy duty and great quality, and the canister is larger than I had expected it to be.  The coffee, on the other hand, unfortunately wasn't so great.  It just didn't do anything for me.  Perhaps some of you out there are self proclaimed "coffee snobs" as I like to think of myself, and in saying that the coffee tasted like a notch down from Folgers, you can probably conclude that it really wasn't an enjoyable experience. The bags of grounds aren't your standard-sized coffee bags though, which I suppose could be good in that I went through an entire bag in less than a week.  But from the perspective of a prospective "subscriber" to the Amora home-delivery service, that would definitely turn me away.  I can go to the store and pay about the same amount as I did for this coffee for a full-sized bag of Seattle's Best coffee that will last me close to a month.  I think a lot of what contributed to the Amora being used up so fast, as well as the not-so-yummy taste, is that it wasn't as finely ground as a lot of the other coffee grounds I have used.  There were large chunks of (what looked like) twigs and wood chips...seemed rather questionable to me and sketchy at best!

So, if you are looking to get in on this deal, I'd say it's worth it but only for the canister and scoop. If you choose to opt in on this offer, be sure that you remember to unsubscribe from the service via phone as soon as you receive your shipment!  Here is the link to the offer:  Amora Freebie Coffee + Airtight Canister + Stainless Steel Scoop Offer.  Be sure to let me know your verdict if you decide to give Amora a try!

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