Friday, April 13, 2012

*Sneak Peak* Beauty Haul Spoiler!

I may have already *completely* given it away to those of you who follow me on Twitter, but for those who don't, here's your hint for my next batch of product reviews:

Saaaamples!  The next best thing, after coffee of course.

Let's just say that my current beauty consultant, Levonia, is my new BFF for hookin' this sista up with these fantastic samples and a kicking deal on some products I was purchasing...did I mention she also threw in a free monthly facial (as if she hadn't already been sweet enough)?

Can't wait to share the DL on my new goods with you all - I was so excited I couldn't wait.  Turns out Macy's is having a big Shiseido promotional beginning on the 25th, so if you need to replenish your stock or are looking to give this skincare line a shot, now would be the time to do so!  You can reserve your order anytime before the 25th and schedule for pickup anytime after the 25th to take advantage of the great bonus they are offering: 3 deluxe basic skincare samples plus the customized targeted sample of your choice in a complimentary cosmetic bag with the purchase of 2 or more Shiseido treatment products - what more could a girl ask for??? (*cough* diamonds *cough*)  Oh, excuse me, don't know what came over me there.

I really hope I'm not the only person beyond pumped about this or I'll feel like a complete skin care/beauty geek ;-P

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