Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Fun & More Spring Printables

Would it be considered completely, totally, beyond lame if I told you that I made an Easter basket full of goodies for Grizzly (our cat) and Diezel (our Doberman puppy)?  What's even lamer is that I was super excited about it...I still am super excited to see how overjoyed they get to see all of their new goodies.

But, yes, I have just crossed the line of self-defining myself as a crazy cat/dog woman.  We all knew it would happen eventually.  So let's see some pictures already!

One of Diezel's eggs

One of Grizzly's eggs

But on the real now, does this change your view of me and make you question my sanity?  You can't blame me for treating our animals like kids: I spend all day, every day with them and my awesome woman instincts are always urging me to care for/nurture something - the animals were the lucky winners (Hubby lucked out).  Does anybody else do this for their animals?  If I don't get at least one other person to admit it, I will probably end up secluding myself from the world to spend the rest of my socially awkward and dysfunctional animal-loving life in confinement.  Not to overreact or anything.

Now, more freebie printables!  Has anybody been downloading them?  They have been a great study break for me when I'm tired of listening to mumbling doctors from India's dictations of medical records or I am so frustrated due to not being able to decipher what they are saying (and correct all of their grammatical errors) that I'm tempted to punch a hole in the wall...or pull out my hair.  Creating pretty printables is a much more productive and calming outlet for me than the other option stated above.  So, at the very least, creating them is helping me to not lose my mind, unfortunately I think saving my sanity is a lost cause.  If somebody actually likes them, it's just icing on the cake :)

These guys coordinate with the cupcake toppers I created back at this post.


P.S.: Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!  The big 2-0, here I come!


  1. I love the doggie baskets! I totally can't blame you, I'm a puppy spoiler in the first degree!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    and we totally hang up stockings and stuff them for all of our pets for Christmas and then take each of them individually and go through them with the cats. And we take pictures of their "reactions". Long story short, I think I'm right up there with ya on the crazy pet lady scale.

  3. Uh goodness girl, you did see the post of Piston's second birthday right? I'm possibly worse than you.. lol. :) ain't nothing wrong with that.

    P.S. Happy birthday!

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes - y'all are so sweet! :)
    So comforting to know that I'm not the only furkid fanatic out there ;-P

    @Amanda: I will definitely be checking out your post of Piston's bday - that's just too cute!

  5. My dog gets a dog-friendly edible birthday cake and a cheeseburger for lunch on his birthday.
    BTW, I've really enjoyed your blog. My love is currently in BMT and your posts are entertaining yet informative and definitely help me pass the time! Thank you.


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