Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 Questions Link Up

Let's start out on a great note....oh - I know!  I know!  Here's a gem of a picture for you all:

Having set the tone for this post, let's get into it shall we? :)

1.  What is your favorite App?  There are several different ways you could measure my "favoritism"...based up on how often I use it or based up on how ingenious I believe the App to be.  I'll just give you one of each because I'm kiiiiinda nerdy like that.  The App I use most often (lately) has been Twitter.  I used to never tweet, now I'm obsessed.  Figures.  The App that is my favorite due to the absence of glitch-i-ness and pure genius that went into it's invention would have to be Disney's Where's My Water - I spend literally hours playing this.  Although it eats my battery, it has never frozen, erased my scores, cheated me out of a win, or anything else related to a crummy App.  Seriously, who thought of this?  Making a trail of water through mucky stuff so that this alligator can take a bath with his rubber ducks?  Oh well, at least he and the ducks are cute.  So yay for the adorable alligator, he deserves to have his picture posted!

Awww!  So cute!

2.  You have to come up with a book title on the spot - what is it (don't think just say!)  Mr. Puppy and the Quest for the Ever Sought After Kitten Cove.

3.  You are given the choice between laughing at everything-always, or never being able to laugh again.  Which would you choose?  Well that's easy - laughing at everything.  Abs of steel, here I come!

4.  What natural disaster scares you the most?  Ironic, I was just talking about this earlier today.  Tornadoes.  I don't even have to think twice about that answer.  Tornadoes freak me out, yet I've never been in one.  I have nightmares about them regularly...the nightmares that seem so real that when you finally wake up you are in tears.  It's bad news bears.  I blame my 5th grade teacher for making us watch the movie Twister umpteen times in class.  Traumatizing I tell you!

5.  What time do you wake up at each day?  What time do you go to sleep?  I'm usually woken up by Hubby's alarm at 5:00 AM every weekday morning.  I then drift back to sleep and am woken up by him yet again at around 5:30-6 before he takes off for work (he enjoys smothering me with hugs/kisses during the wee hours of the morning...ahh, love is grand).  If it's a Wednesday or Saturday morning, the rowdy garbage man then wakes me up at 7:00 AM with his hunk-o-junk truck and obnoxiously loud potty mouth.  If I manage to drift back to sleep after that, Grizzly will typically do some awfully annoying "Brrrr-REEER!" type meow until I give him attention.  Or, like this morning, I was woken up to him gnawing on my flip flop.  Awesome cat?  Yes.
I usually head to bed around 10 PM, but lay in bed and Tweet/Fbook/play Temple Run or Where's My Water until 11 or later ;-P

6.  Who's your daddy and what does he do?  My dad is the most amazing man ever.  He is currently a branch manager for a security company that recently merged with he installs card readers, security cameras, etc.  He also coaches a junior air pistol team (a member of which made it to the junior Olympics and I want to say he even took first, but two of his previous students have gone to the junior Olympics as well!)  He has his own adult air pistol team, which he attends practice for every Wednesday night in addition to regular tournaments on weekends.  My dad is very involved in his church and also keeps plenty busy with being the president of my old high school's board.  I am so much like my dad, it is crazy.  We are alike in looks, character, temper, personality, opinions, beliefs - everything.  He is always there to offer advice or just a listening ear.  I love and miss my daddy-o tons! :(  Looking forward to when he comes down and visits (whenever that may be).

7.  What is the craziest dream you have ever had?  As much as I'd love to make up some fictional story of a supposed dream I had..... ... I typically don't remember my dreams and if I get lucky and do, it's usually only fresh in my brain for the first couple of hours I'm awake in the morning and then I can't remember it (even if I wanted to).  Although, I have realized that the dreams I typically remember are the scarring where you find yourself on a date with the nasty booger eating kid in your grade (every class has/had one) or if something extremely sad happens (like if something bad were to happen to Hubby or Grizzly or some other family member).


  1. The garbage trucks at Camp Pendleton were THE loudest garbage trucks I've ever heard in my LIFE. They'd wake me and the kiddo up at the crack of dawn even after Tana had slipped out of the house and off to work without a peep. It was SO annoying. I hated them. A LOT. (If you couldn't tell)

  2. Oh my gosh... I love the movie Twister! :)

  3. Bahahah.. tornados suck, your picture made me laugh (because I am now doing that in response to everything ;]) and I don't remember dreams either!

  4. your dad sounds great!!!
    also i love your picture; i have a picture looking just like that.
    except everyone else is smiling normally and standing straight..

  5. Haha. The garbage truck in our neighborhood wakes us up too! Why are their trucks so loud? Why do they have to pick up trash in the morning?! Ugh.

  6. hahaha! LOVE your book title! And yes, I hate garbage day. So loud.

  7. What a cute post! I will have to keep this post in mind because I am always looking for new ways to blog!


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