Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stampin' Up Simply Sent Cards...a.k.a Pure Genius

I was feeling a bit guilty for being kind of distant this past week...or maybe that's the guilt kicking in from me gorging myself with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and leftover birthday cake last night so I decided I would share one of my favorite crafty ideas with you all.  Two posts in one day - hot dog!

If you don't know what Stampin' Up is, you are not a true artsy fartsy person.  Google it.  Ask your lady friends.  Ask your neighbor.  Ask your husband...if he knows at you don't, wellllll we may have a problem.  It's pretty self explanatory: Stampin' Up is essentially stamping supplies.  You stamp to make cards, scrapbook goodies, all sorts of crafty pretties.  But anyways, onto my loot!

My mom is a real crafty in she has an entire room devoted to her sewing, scrapbooking, and stamping office is going to double as my craft room, but shhhh - don't tell Hubby!  He will be jealous since he didn't get his own man cave!  My mom gifted me this Stampin' Up Simply Sent Cards set for Valentine's day and I absolutely love it.  I love making cards, but who has the time?  Especially on my end - we just moved, just got our stuff, and really don't have room to stash a bunch of art supplies at the moment.  That's what is so great about the Simply Sent Cards set - it has everything you need.  The card stock, already cut and pre-folded, sticker decorations, and envelopes. Perfect fix for remembering last minute that your grandma's birthday is in a few days which means a card needs to be in the mail ASAP to make it there in time.  What's even better is that everything goes together in this kit - there is no having to guess or regret later; every element compliments the others beautifully.  So check it out!

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