Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet Mr. Grizzly Bear

Herro - I are happy 2 meet YeW!
Name: Grizzly (named after chewing tabacco…classy, huh?)
Age: 1 year old
Birthday: October 31, 2010 (black kitty born on Halloween!)
Weight: 12.5 lbs
Favorite treats: Shiny Coat Temptations

Favorite toy: My squeaky hedgehog who I love to play fetch with - got it from my daddy!
You can usually find me: Hanging out with the dogs and acting like I am one of them, cuddling with my mommy, basking in the sun, snoozing on one of the couches, or begging for a drink of water from the bathtub or bathroom sinks.

... Yes, I know I'm lame.  Don't judge ;-P

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